Analyst wary of Apple’s claim of G5 as ‘world’s fastest personal computer’

“Reigniting the 20-year debate over the most powerful desktop computer, Apple Computer Inc. on Monday unveiled a next-generation Macintosh with features that up until now have been found only in expensive workstations,” writes May Wong for AP. “The new Power Mac, which will go on sale in August, is based on the long-awaited G5 microprocessor. Unlike today’s 32-bit Pentium and Athlon chips found in most Microsoft Windows-based computers, the G5 can process data in 64-bit chunks, allowing a computer to more quickly access large amounts of memory.”

“‘This is the world’s fastest personal computer,’ chief executive Steve Jobs said as he introduced the Power Mac G5 in a keynote kicking off the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco,” Wong reports. “A computer’s performance, however, is affected by many factors, and analysts were skeptical of Apple’s bold claim. The benchmark tests that Apple cited ‘don’t always translate to real-world performance,’ said Martin Reynolds, a Gartner Group analyst.”

MacDailyNews Take: Expect the state of denial that Intel’s Pentium 4 has been trounced to last for awhile. Maybe forever.

Wong writes, “The PowerPC G5, which is made by International Business Machines Corp., is the first 64-bit chip to find its way into a desktop computer rather than a workstation. Companies like IBM, Sun Microsystems Inc. and Intel already sell 64-bit processors targeted at workstations and servers.”

Wong reports, “The only other 64-bit microprocessor for desktops is Advanced Micro Device’s upcoming Athlon 64, which is expected to debut in September.”

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  1. If this were a product from dell, the only negative remark in the article would have been “too bad its related to a company that hired that pot-smoking, Dude guy.” While I agree that the journalist should be impartial and shouldn’t just hype the apple product line, it is another thing to follow every pro with a con. The repeat of pro-con, pro-con throughout the article formed an immense bias. I think this was unfair.

    Apple hasn’t created the holy grail of computers, but the new G5 isn’t a crappy product and shouldn’t be treated with such bias and such skepticism and pessimism that typically accompany the release of yet another windows security update patch.

  2. Apple very likely took the lead today (despite what the “analysts” might say). Another time, it will be Intel, or AMD, then back to Apple. This is the nature of competition, and it is a good thing. I am satisfied with Macs being back on top (in terms of raw speed…they are always on top when it comes to OS and the entire computing experience), but in the long haul, I will be happy as long as Apple stays in the running. The last couple of years have been a little degrading…

  3. During my time in the US Army I had occasion to work with “Journalists”. I discovered that with the exception of those working in specialized publications, most of these people are far from expert at anything other than pontificating as from Mt Olympus. This goes for national and local media, broadcast and print. When stories about computers come up in the general media, rather than seek out experts, they figure they can rely upon their own knowledge and a little (very little) research. This is especially true in broadcast media, where looks and on air “presence” are more important than writing and research skills. What this tells us is that Apple Computer and the Mac community have to educate the media. This should not be done with flaming and shouting, but rather an invitation to the local MUG, Apple Retail Store, or local reseller. If we don’t counter the FUD, who will? Calling all Mac evangelists!!!!

  4. Doom III benchmarks on a G5 with a GF 5900U or RADEON 9800 would settle things for the avg user.

    The only thing that is kind of gay is the video card in the G5 – very entry level.

  5. “Journalists,” as NoPCZone discovered, are at the level of knowledge that most of the world is at, otherwise their “editors” would find them totally weird and not publish their mediocre work. Reminds me of the classic adlib on Foxtel about the shuttle coming down from “200,000 miles up.

  6. We’ll see what Wong has to say when Apple comes out with the Dual 3Ghz G5 within the next 12 months, as stated by Mr. Jobs himself. We’ll hear the collect Wintel jaw drop so clearly you’ll think you’d just heard the planet split in two.

  7. After years of Apple producing clearly inferior machines, they finally take a step in the right direction. Nice, but don’t get sucked into the Jobs reality distortion field too quickly. Mac users will soon feel foolish running around acting smug about how fast their systems are — it’s happened far too often in the past.

  8. Apple has always been the thinking mans computer now it’s faster and better looking, its all about user experiance but most are to scared to try ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  9. Dear perry,

    In posting this I’m not trying to be confrontational, but merely trying to explain to the forum community of MacDailyNews how certain word usage can be less than inclusive. While I agree that the choice of graphics cards for the new G5 are “weak” compared to what is available today from both ATI and Nvidia I don’t think that the choices are “gay”. By using gay in the way that you do it suggest that gay is weak, and why heterosexual males may think nothing of this, as a gay male I went from enjoying the forum to having to feel like an outsider to them. While we might differ in how or whom we chose to love we all share a passion for the Mac and that should be enough to unite us and keep us from alienating each other. I hope that you understand my request and don’t take offense. Thanks.

  10. I’m getting one. I’m getting a Dual. Regardless of the RDF, regardless of probably skewed benchmarks (remember, they told us the xServe architecture was great until someone figured out the G4s couldn’t take advantage because they shared a bus), regardless of the benefits of hyperthreading or whatever, the new G5s are going to fly. They’ll be 10 times and maybe up to 20 times the power/speed of my current machine, which I still prefer to use over a PC. Even if the G5s are only 80% of the speed of a 3.2GHz pentium, that 20% will easily be taken back in productivity – or for most of the time when I’m only using 5% of the system, at least I’ll get a nice user experience.

  11. Apple did real-world tests too–and the G5 beat the Pentium and Xeons evern WORSE in those than in the benchmarks!

    And if in future, a Mac becomes second-fastest again (but still VERY fast) what will that really matter to getting work (and play) done? Jaguar/Panther matters more than that.

  12. John

    Perhaps Perry meant that the video card was rather happy ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    And before you go all Pride flag on me, I’m gay myself, so I’m allowed to make jokes.

  13. Give these PeeCee people time to re-adjust. Today the most powerful desktop computers are made by Apple and this will take some time to sink in. Personaly I cannot wait for the real real-world tests with DOOM 3, Quark XPress, Photoshop, etc but until then we will all have to take Apple’s word for it.

  14. will we see a mac-version of doom 3?
    i havent heard about it.. and what about half-life2?

    if so the dual g5 is certainly a deal for me ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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