Apple’s 17-inch PowerBook a ‘grandiose spectacle’ that evokes ‘envious gasps’

“Apple’s 17-inch PowerBook is a grandiose machine that evoked envious gasps whenever I took it out of my bag,” writes Jon Fortt for The San Jose Mercury News.

“The laptop itself is a spectacle… I like to call it the TowerBook… Right now, it comes with the delicious-looking Mac OS X Jaguar operating system, version 10.2.4. When people find out it burns DVDs, they start conspiring to sneak $3,300 out of the bank account without their spouse noticing,” writes Fortt. “Apple doesn’t like to call it a niche product, but it is. Most likely, only presentation-oriented businesses like high-end marketing shops and advertisers value screen area enough to pay such a premium.”

“For the rest of us, the TowerBook is a peek at the future, a big-screen reminder that Apple is retaining its cool factor. Once again, Apple is giving us an early peek at design ideas other laptop makers will mimic in a couple of years, at cheaper prices,” Fortt writes.

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  1. It is a nice machine. A bit sluggish and very pricey.
    This machine needs a G5 64 bit chip and faster processing
    speed. What I dont understand is why Apple is so sluggish
    getting these things out and on the market–I am disappointed in
    these piecemeal deliveries to the market-I say make a giant
    leap in hardware and appropriate OS and sell them–stop hosing
    the public by demeaning the value of computers they own by
    introducing a new version every few monmths with some
    feature that should have been on the earlier version but wasnt
    included pricisely so the company could intorduce a new version
    every few months. and about that mistake on the Apple web
    site friday night, I dont think that description was written like
    Apple Store descriptions are typically written.

  2. Hmnn…. I seem to remember reading this piece by Mr Fortt a month or two back in the paper version of the Mercury News ( MacDalyNews is just now posting a piece about it). Doesnt seem very timely to me…

    are the kids at MDN a tad behind with their newspaper reading or something??

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