Price drops up to US$300 may be coming for select Apple PowerBooks on June 23rd

Price drops may be on tap for PowerBooks starting on June 23rd according to information obtained by MacDailyNews. The promotion, headlined, “The Wait is OVER! Big Price Drops on Apple PowerBooks,” reportedly will announce savings of $200 on 12-inch 867MHz models, $300 on 15.2-inch 867MHz models, and $200 on 15.2-inch 1GHz models. There is no report of a price reduction on the 17-inch 1GHz PowerBook or other models not mentioned above.

This is unconfirmed information and we must stress that no one outside Apple will know for sure about these price drops until June 23rd. Apple, on June 4th, already reduced prices on PowerBook notebook computers by as much as $300, so regard this information as RUMOR only.

More info on Apple PowerBooks here.


  1. But boy it would be sweet!! Even though this would be a clear indication that new 15″ PBs are near, that price point would be irresistable. A 15″ for $1700?! As a current user, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  2. Wow! If prices for the 15″ drops that much, maybe waiting for the highly anticipated PPC 970 Al books won’t be necessary! Sure, the “Panther” will be something to marvel (esp since it’s 64-bits), but how many people actually have anything significant to complain about the overall quality of Jaguar? As a proverbial Windows 98 user, I can’t possibly underappreciate OS 10.2 at work. Plus, it looks cooler than any windows XP interface. I hope that 10.3 will be yet another step in the right direction, and not the relatively unpopular move from OS9 to OS10.1

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