SteveJack examines the knifing of Microsoft Internet Explorer for Macintosh

SteveJack writes in the MacDailyNews Opinion section today, “Microsoft doesn’t care which browser Mac users run.”

“Yesterday, Microsoft announced the end of development of future Macintosh versions of its Internet Explorer browser, citing competition from Apple Computer’s Safari browser. Since when does Microsoft fold their tent and walk away from a fight? And compliment their competitor to boot? Well, only when they’ve won.”

Full article in the MacDailyNews Opinion section here.


  1. No, Microsoft actually lost out to Apple in browser development. With the cancellation of IE Mac, MS is admitting defeat in the browser “war” and is also acknowledging the supremacy of the Apple Safari browser in the area of ease of use and, most of all, simplicity of code, as well as innovation in the implementation of the UI.

    Giving up is a tacid admittal that, of the two, Apple is the superior software developer; It has proven this with the original Mac OS which MS copied. Now it has once again proven it with Safari vs. IE. Quitting IE Mac development also clearly demonstrates that, when going head-to-head, MS software — its bloat and difficult usage — can’t compare and it knows this so it throws up its hands into the air and gives up like a pigfart on steroids, not knowing what else to do.

    Another reason: MS knows that Apple is losing market share (no thanks to MS’s predatory and illegal practices which the US gov. is OK with) and is successfully transitioning from a computer company into software, consumer electronics, media, and content delivery. Why should MS continue to lose money on a company that is losing market share, guaranteeing a smaller and smaller return on investment?

    On the other hand, perhaps MS is making a strategic mistake to abandon even the small market share because it is itself increasingly losing market share to Linux. THis is no small matter, and is occuring in Europe, Germany and the Lowlands specifically. I think it needs to hold on to its share of Apple development and not throw away even this share because it may need it in the future when it can’t digest Linux in a profitable way.

    Yeah, this abandonment may indeed portend the end of eventual Office OSX development too, probably at the end of its latest development cycle which may be the last.

  2. The person above me is a complete idiot. He is such a fanboy that he is blind. Maybe Apple is a “better” software engineer company….or whatever, but the fact that still remains is that Microsoft knows it doesn’t matter what Apple users use as a browser. Just like the article said.

  3. Of course MS cares which browser Apple devotees use! The browser is a marketing tool for MS, but Apple’s browser is for Apple. IT does not make sense that MS should ignore its own marketing tools except to acknowledge that Safari is better. Like I said, MS better not abandon the Mac version though because it still has some value to MS.

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