Apple in talks with Best Buy about becoming Apple reseller again

“Apple and Best Buy are still in contract talks for bringing on the US retailer as an Apple reseller, according to a source familiar with the situation, Nick dePlume reports for “Earlier this month, insiders confirmed that the two companies are still considering a plan where Best Buy would sell Apple products, and Apple would staff the stores with its own employees to help boost sales. Sources said that the talks have stalled over specifics regarding which products Best Buy would be able to sell under contract.”

“Meanwhile, Apple has been continuing the hiring process for Apple Solutions Consultants to be assigned to Best Buy,” dePlume reports.

Full article here.


  1. In my town (Jacksonville, FL) the only Apple store is the Apple store-within-a-store at CompUSA, which sucks. I personally visit to clean up and help rearrange the desktops, make sure the demos run, etc. No Apple store is planned here, or anywhere near here, soon that I’m aware of.

    The Best Buy situation would probably not be much better than CompUSA.. but at least there would be another place to buy a Mac in town. There are two Best Buys here.


  2. Good call Zack. The CompUSA store in Seattle is the same mess. I’m afraid to use the keyboards because they are a gross dirty white. Luckily we just got an Apple Store close-by with another on the way.
    Initially all things look great in these stores. I guess because Apple is involved and shells out some initial cash, but go back in 6 months and it’s a mess.

  3. the entire apple section in CompUsa near me is the same size as the pc multimedia section (speakers, video and audio cards.) There are so few progs to choose from, it really gives you a negative impression of the mac right off the bat. I admit it looks very classy compared to a bunch of hps and sonys lined up in no order, but why is it they only have 20-30 games and 20-30 apps to choose from in the store. If they do this wrong, people will think the only good think apple makes is the ipod.

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