Quark CEO Ebrahimi apologizes for ‘being late’ with QuarkXpress for Mac OS X

Quark President and CEO Fred Ebrahimi stated yesterday that QuarkXpress 6 for Mac OS X was released to manufacturing and should ship next week. Ebrahimi also offered conciliatory remarks to a publishing community that has been stalled in its Mac OS X upgrade plans for years while waiting for Quark to release the updated version, according to CRN.

“The truth of the matter is we should have done this earlier,” Ebrahimi told CRN. “My apologies to all of you for being late.”

Full article here.


  1. Quark missed the boat… With me at least. I have moved to Adobe InDesign 2.0. Besides, they didn’t seem apologetic at all until now… Now that they want the Mac OS X users to buy their product.

  2. Boo-hoo. QuarkXPress 6.0 should have been released in 2000. The feature set was not worth the wait. With PDFs becoming standard workflow for printers, Quark has not kept up with the times. How the mighty have fallen!

  3. Does it make sense to be with a product that represent history and is still catching up with the times or be a part of the future (Adobe)? Its not the first time, it happened with lotus-1-2-3 (MS Excel), word perfect etc.

  4. The only way Quark will come back is by offering QuarkXpress 6 for half the price of Indesign and free to all version 5 users. If not it’s all over for them.

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