Here come the iTunes copycats: Microsoft demos online music store to record companies; may build int

“Some of the Internet’s biggest names are looking to take a bite out of Apple Computer Inc.’s novel online music venture, report Jeff Leeds and Jon Healey for the L.A. Times. “Microsoft Corp., Yahoo Inc., Inc. and AOL Time Warner Inc.’s America Online unit are among the companies expected to launch services to compete with Apple’s 6-week-old iTunes store, which charges 99 cents to download a song onto a personal computer. Viacom Inc.’s MTV, another popular Web destination, is also exploring a download venture, according to sources.”

“The possible foray by major Internet players into online music downloads is testimony to the vision of Apple chief Steve Jobs, who debuted his music service April 28. But it also signals that the Cupertino, Calif.-based computer company’s early lead may be short-lived… Apple’s quick success in the music business has underscored the lack of appeal of online services created by the record companies,” Leeds and Healey report.

“Microsoft has recently shown its version of a downloadable music store to executives at several record companies. Sources said Microsoft plans to give consumers more music-related information to guide their purchases than the iTunes Music Store does, and that its store might be accessible via Xbox game consoles as well as computers. Microsoft officials declined to comment,” Leeds and Healey report.

Andrew Lack, chairman of Sony Corp.’s Sony Music Entertainment is quoted as saying, “What we’ve got now are the biggest minds in the business working on digital music sales and solutions. That is going to increasingly be the lead story in the digital world.”

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  1. Agreed, none of them have been able to do anything worth squat until now, what makes them all think they can make something work now that Apple has? Just by copying Apple verbatium? Not like this hasn’t been done before I guess. Leave it to Apple to again blaze a trail only to get possibly pushed out by the monopolists and their not-as-good-but-shoved-down-your-throat-and-you’ll-like-it implementations.

  2. It doesn’t matter what anybody else unveils because they don’t have the iPod. That device is the 800lb gorilla that has already won the war for Apple.

  3. You’d think just for once that Microsoft would decide NOT to copy Apple just to get away from that stigma. I think it’s all fueled by Bill Gates unquenchable desire to be Steve Jobs. It’s probably driving him crazy that all the journalists refer to it as “Steve Jobs iTunes Music Store”.

  4. Does anyone else fantasise about striping Bill Gates naked, tying his tongue to the exhaust pipe of a beefed up Chevy and dragging him through a field of broken glass?

    I feel violated. Christ! Can someone please tell me what this company does other than rape ideas and make them worse?

  5. I totally agree with Semiphore Jones:

    Gates needs to be dragged behind a Chevy….but not accross broken glass.

    Barbed wire and a bath of Alchol would do much better…..

    God, what a scumbag…..

  6. Trouble is Gates & Windoze will get away with it. I got lots of pc friends who no nothing of Apple so when gates rips off ideas they think isn’t Windoze fantastic until I point out that Apple had that sometimes years ago.

    Bill Gates Public Enemy No 1

  7. This is the entertainment bisness and requires some tact, savy, taste and style… none of which MSFT has. The best minds in the film industry could not put a dent in Pixar’s runnaway freight train. Secondly Microsoft already has a site up in the UK and it sucks out loud. Poor interface, subscriptions, and a complicated membership structure that makes your head spin. Apple can handle competition as long as Jobs provides a Windows version that is of the same quality as the Mac Version. This is Job’s battle to lose — open the platform, make it available to all. This is the better mousetrap.

  8. Whose to say if Jobs nails the pc version, that Windows update doesnt include a ‘security update’ that seriously funks up the windows iTunes?

    I mean why does either team have to play fair. They bought the company that makes VirtualPC for a reason…

  9. It is IMPOSSIBLE to offer the music industry the same level of security and limitations on any Microsoft product that Apple can offer.

    The MS community will continue to be stuck with rented streaming music (no opportunity for quality or burning a CD).

    In a few years, they may be able to do it, but it will always return to “It will never be as secure and as simple as on an Apple.”

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