‘Cellulo’ free video player for Mac OS X now available; plays DivX movies

Cellulo is a free video player for Mac


  1. And this is better than MPlayer how, exactly? MPlayer has the codecs built-in, including multiple DivX codecs. You never have to choose anything. Plus, it’s open source.

    I’ll concede that this player has more interface goodies, but I’d rather use MPlayer and not have to worry about codecs.

  2. MPlayer’s great, but you can’t get full framerate (MPlayer old or new versions) on many larger files on even a G3/800, and probably not a G3/1000 either. Plus, MPlayer’s GUI interface doesn’t handle choosing between different audio or subtitle tracks.

  3. divx.com is mentioned in the author’s notes. Rumour has it that ffmpeg is faster than the divx.com codecs, while 3ivx is higher quality. Cellulo claims to allow you to install all three at the same time and then you can choose in the prefs which to use, but they don’t all show up for me.

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