Where there’s a will there’s a way; industrious users restore ‘Net music streaming to iTunes 4.0.1

“On Thursday, programmer James Speth released a hastily written piece of software called 401(ok) that restores Net-wide music streaming to iTunes. ‘I really liked the ability to access my music from anywhere, and I didn’t like that the 4.0.1 update removed that feature,'” Speth wrote. In the software’s Read Me file, Speth writes that the software is ‘inefficient, ugly and poorly written. If anyone really uses this thing, I’ll work on making it better,'” reports Leander Kahney for Wired News.

“The hack makes it fairly easy to restore Net-wide music streaming to iTunes. A more complicated, but more powerful hack exists in Andromeda, a software application that makes use of Mac OS X’s built-in Web technologies, the Apache Web server and the PHP scripting language. Although Andromeda requires a complex setup, it even streams copy-protected music bought at the iTunes Music Store. Neither iTunes, nor 401(ok), will stream music bought from the store, which is restricted to three Macs pre-designated by the user,” Kahney writes.

Kahney continues, “However, Jim Heid, a contributing editor at Macworld magazine, had the simplest solution to keep streaming in iTunes: Drag the iTunes application into a new folder before installing the update. By changing the application’s location, it won’t be overwritten when the new version is installed. ‘Keep both versions,’ Heid writes, ‘they’ll coexist on your hard drive. When you want Internet sharing, simply launch version 4.0.'”

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  1. A) Just use QuickTime Streaming Server if you really must stream your music.

    B) Hopefully this hack doesn’t allow copying the music (which was the real problem) in my humble opinion.

  2. I hope “programmer James Speth” has a good lawyer, he’ll need one. He’s also obviously too stupid to represent himself, otherwise he would not be doing such a thing. It’s strange, some of the same people who scream about Microsoft ripping off Apple rip off HUGE collections of music. How PC-like, How un-Mac-like. DON”T STEAL MUSIC.

  3. People like this are going to make it a lot more difficult for Apple to get all the record companies to sign on to the Windows versions. It’s probably those same people who will complain that Apple’s market share isn’t high enough. Idiots.

  4. Streaming of music is not inherantly wrong, bad or illegal. Even Apple agrees about that. There are many legal uses for streaming, such as streaming your personal music collection to yourself while you are at work from you iTunes library at home… things of this nature is why Apple released iTunes 4 with internet streaming capability.

    The part that is wrong is the blatant unauthorized illegal copying of songs through the iTunes streaming service. Apparently this hack doesn’t enable that.

    To para-quote Steve Jobs himself, at an interview at All Things Digital “You can hack anything.”


  5. I see, he did it for himself, but feels obligated to release it to the world.


    Everyone blames Apple, but Apple is doing it to please the record labels, ands the artists.

    The Beatles and The Stones haven’t signed to iTunes yet. Will this encourage them to? Hackers blowing holes in iTunes so that 5% of the users can use the feature legally, and 95% of the rest of the world using it to steal music.


    Finally, a good, intelligent, elegant, reasonable, affordable way to buy music, created by Apple, which will hopefully help it stay alive, and a bunch of jackasses can’t help themselves from screwing up a piece of software that is FREE for God’s sake.
    So if Apple decides to limit one feature, it is Apples decision, so let it rest.
    Don’t ruin it for the rest of us because you think you are so darn smart!


  6. I totally agree with you David, Nick & NoPCZone. Some people have no scrupples and no morals, are so self-centered and short sighted. This is the sort of thing that will drive the big music companies away. Some people are just too lousy to pay for what they get. Then they ruin it for everyone else.

  7. There is nothing you can do to restore 4.0. It’s gone. Apple made sure of it, it has dissapeared from the face of the earth (I’ve been looking now for over a week). Can’t be downloaded from anywhere that I’ve been able to find.

  8. I for one never downloaded the 4.0.1 version. I’m using 4.0 on both my desktop and powerbook. There is no way I will ever screw Apple by distributing copies to people who potentially can ruin this great service. I hope if there’s anyone out there with 4.0 they will use it for their own private use and not distribute it since this feature will be abused.

  9. A smart guy puts together a program that makes an Apple product do more of what you want it to and you candy asses start crying about it. Get off of Apple’s tip and fix your philosophy, Speth deserves some respect and you boys need some tissues. -caleb

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