Microsoft to discontinue Internet Explorer for Mac?

“Purveyors and consumers of Web content and software, already unsettled by the peace pact between former arch rivals Microsoft and AOL Time Warner, may be in store for an even more radical upset with Microsoft’s stated plans to eliminate standalone versions of its Internet Explorer browser, reports Paul Festa, Staff Writer, CNET

Festa continues, “The apparent move to discontinue standalone IE also makes Microsoft competitors Apple Computer and AOL appear prescient in their recent maneuvers to secure long-term access to browser technology. Apple in January launched its own browser, based on the open-source KHTML development project, and analysts at the time attributed the move to Apple’s desire to maximize its independence from Microsoft and IE. The timing may have been just right, if the elimination of a standalone IE leads to the discontinuation of a version of the browser for the Macintosh OS.”

“Microsoft declined to answer most specific questions on this story, but the company representative said Microsoft would ‘ensure that all current IE users will have access to updates in the future.’ Microsoft would not clarify whether that meant there would be continued updates to IE for Windows on a standalone basis, or for the Mac, and if so, what it meant when it promised to end production of standalone IE,” writes Festa.

“Microsoft did seem to suggest that however it plans to take care of existing users of standalone IE, their options were even less certain once the company’s next version of Windows comes out. ‘If you’re using IE now, for Mac or Windows, you will have access to any appropriate updates,’ said the Microsoft representative. ‘There will be continued innovation and improvement. For the near and immediate future, customers will have access to IE. It’s not going anywhere as a product. What happens in the Longhorn timeframe–it’s too early to discuss,'” reports Festa.

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  1. I always trash the IE binary with every OSX install I go through anyway. I replace it with mozilla, camino, safari and/or phoenix, depending on the box’s specs and purpose. So, as far as I’m concerned, IE for OSX is a non-existent product anyhow! ;o)

  2. I hope that this hurts Micro$oft. It seems to be yet another arrogant move. We do not need M$ software on a Mac anyway. I’m glad apple finally released Safari. Now they need to build a much better email client. M$ has the best email program for OSX now (Entourage).

  3. Directions for new Mac owners, after having pulled Mac out of box and setting it up in your work space and turning on Mac:

    Step One: Start IE, go get Safari, et al., quit IE.

    Step Two: Throw away IE, In OSX and OS9. Throw away ALL M$ software, knowing that you are now NOT contributing to supporting a twice convicted illegal monopoly by using even their ‘free’ software.

    Step Three: There is no step three ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Wasn’t ‘tight’ integration of IE with Windoze the reason for this monopoly trial? Maybe it is time for another round, this time breaking up the monster really well. And sending this Bill guy to St. Helen, or some other remote prison island (remember Napoleon?), so he finally stops implementing his megalomaniac ideas. write to your congress(wo)man. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. People who use PC’s and post here don’t have a clue. They use IE on the PC and think its the same. WRONG. IE is bearable and slow on X. Nothing to do with apple, just lax m$ programming.

    Safari and Camino are much better alternatives and have far more innovative and useful features than stale old IE. Its great to see other companies innovating unlike microsoft who feel they don’t need to innovate because they own such a huge market share.

    Good ridence to IE, Have not used it much since safari came out.

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