Microsoft CEO: Longhorn will be ‘the next quantum leap in computing; will put us years ahead of any

“Some way off in the future lies a generation of technology that Microsoft promises will change the lives of every computer user. Codenamed Longhorn, it involves a complete revamp of the company’s two core product lines – the Windows operating system and Office productivity suite. It promises to bring greater ease, reliability and security. In short, it will be ‘the next quantum leap in computing, which will put us years ahead of any other product on the market,’ wrote Ballmer [in an email to Microsoft employees],” reports Richard Waters for The Financial Times.

“When that day will come, however, noone is saying. In an interview, the Microsoft CEO would only say that ‘Longhorn will come when we think it’s really ready.’ Some industry analysts have pencilled in 2005, but the company is not prepared to endorse that view,” Waters reports. Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Pshaw. “Years ahead of any other product on the market?” Oh, really? Mac OS X Jaguar is here today. Panther will be previewed on June 23rd and debut, at the latest, in autumn of this year, not 2005. God knows what Apple will have on the market by the time Longhorn debuts. In his email, Ballmer acts as if Apple and Mac OS X do not even exist, displaying a supremely skewed arrogance born of unfettered, government-approved monopoloy power. Here’s hoping that history deals with pompous behemoths wearing blinders the way history always has, by cutting them down to size post-haste.


  1. It’s no wonder it’s named after a type of steer.

    Don’t forget, in classic MS fashion, it will come after Apple’s products and most likely have duplicates of what Apple has already done, and have the advantage of trying to do it a bit better.

  2. It IS a bunch of rah-rah for the employees, but anyone that has used XP knows that much of the gap between Mac and Windows, at least for the majority of users, has been closed. If 10.3 is as good as advertised/970 series PPC chips smoke and the rumored productivity suite appears, then we will see a real chance for the Mac to get into the big-time. If not, then you might as well pre-order your version of Longhorn. I’m betting it won’t be 2005, how about fall 2004.

  3. Go read the article. It’s a small fluff piece apparently designed as a “me too” news release regarding their Windows OS in light of Apple’s publicity with Panther. It’s actually quite funny to read and gives the reader several reasons NOT to stay with Microsoft!!

    Even though they mention UNIX and Linux OSs, it is the obvious omission of Mac OS in the article that frames their true concerns.

  4. sometimes hearing MS is like hearing a broken record…. always repeating the same old and only moving forward just enough to go back again.
    makes me glad to be with mac indeed.

  5. Well, of course it will be ahead of today’s market by 2005. They’ll have more than a year to copy Pather’s new features, while in parallel they are going to re-invent the wheel several times regarding other features and pop these re-invented wheels on Longhorn as well. The result will be far from homogenaous, but feature-rich – which is what they promise.

    I just had to install W2k Server yesterday, because I had to do some testing for a customer. Well, the customer-unfriendlyness already starts with the installation. Some questions, some minutes of disc-scrabbling, some more questions, some minutes of disc-scrabbling … all this takes more than twice the time it would have to if it were well-designed. Then a dialog pops up telling you you have a DHCP address (which is true), and that this is not good for service XY (of which I don’t care). You have to go to setup, press cancel, answer a ‘really cancel?’ question … and then exactly the same procedure starts for service YZ. Four or five times over. Brain-damaged. Windozy.

    Don’t talk about user interfaces, Billy. Create one. W2k is crap. Haven’t tried XP – I don’t like spyware. Though my Windows test systems live in a subnet not routed to the real world, filtered at the proxy, watched by Snort … I just don’t dare.

  6. “any other product on the market” can ONLY be referring to Apple!
    Good to see the Mac platform is really hurting Windows again ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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