CNET Editor’s Choice awarded to iTunes Music Store; says ‘makes buying music fun’

This no-risk service offers reasonable pricing and flexible usage rights with an interface that makes browsing and buying music fun,” writes John


  1. Personally, I feel that Apple should’ve released a Windows version of iTunes Music Store at the exact same time as the Mac OS release. Although unlikely, this delay gives competitors an opportunity to mimic Apple’s service. And by the way, Rhapsody has 300,000 songs compared to Apple’s 200,000. And 220,000 of those Rhapsody songs are burnable at $.79 ea. So what if you have to pay $9.95 a month to be able to buy – you at least get to listen to the ENTIRE song rather than a 30 sec clip prior to purchase.

  2. The delay is the record companies hesitating to allow such a store for Windows–Apple couldn’t ship iTunes with the Store even if it was programmed and done.

    The record companies’ conservatism will affect Apple’s competitors just as much as Apple–while at the same time, they don’t have Apple’s head start in other areas, like the iPod, the publicity of being first and getting it right, the back end server technology in some cases, and especially iTunes itself. And as always, when they DO make something like the iTunes Store, they won’t get it right–even if they ARE first on Windows. Which is not a sure thing at all.

    It’s great to have alternatives like Rhapsody for people who like that model, but I–and most people–wouldn’t touch a $120/year subscription fee with a 10-foot pole.

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