The Beatles gearing up for a fight over Apple’s iTunes Music Store

“It’s a busy time for Apple Computer. Its iPod portable music player is the Walkman of the millennium. The accompanying iTunes program is resolving long-standing disputes in the record industry. Apple is reportedly even looking into buying a record company. But there’s a wrinkle,” reports Roger Friedman for

“It’s the Beatles. They haven’t recorded together since 1969. Two of the four original members are, quite sadly, deceased. And yet the Beatles stand to pose a big problem for Apple Computer. That’s because the Beatles own a holding company called Apple Corps, Ltd.,


  1. because you know…people would get confused and think that maybe steve was the really the 5th beatle

    and you know how pissed they’re going to get knowing that apple (computer) is going to make it so easy to buy music that people will be updating their beatles collections at the click of a mouse…that’s gotta suck…all of those royalties and stuff…

  2. I believe that Apple was named after the apple commune or farm (in Oregon) that Jobs worked at, before Apple Computer, hit it big. He didn’t name it after the Beatles label.

  3. Well and agreement is an agreement. If jobs wan’t visionary enough to see that music was in the computers future, then he shouldn’t have signed the agreement. I say that Apple just needs to pony up.

  4. What’s wrong with changing the name of it to itunes music store? As long as Apple has the service, I don’t care what they call it.

    And while we are on the subject of the Beatles and Apple Computer, why can’t Apple get the rights to distribute their music?

    – Mark

  5. One of many strikes against the Beatles, even though they had some great music, they are not the Gods that most would make them out to be. And this just proves how all the “imagine” fluff is a load of crap from them…

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