Apple posts new ‘Real Stories’ in ‘Switch’ section; one catches our attention

Apple has posted new “Real Stories” in the “Switch” section of the site. One caught our eye, “Goodbye Contracts, Hello Xserve,” and not just because it’s prominently featured at the top left of the page:

“I’m vice president of operations for a major regional ISP in Texas. We are in the process of switching our high end/cost UNIX servers and storage out for Apple’s Xserves and Xserve RAID. We anticipate being able to do this for approximately the cost of what we are spending in one year of annual maintenance contracts on the old equipment.” – BM

Hopefully, more will read this type of story and realize just how much cost savings the Xserve and Mac OS X Server offer. The newest “Real Stories” are here.


  1. I have no idea what the Robocop user was doing, but my dual G4 here at work is louder than my PC with 6 fans. Use some Panasonic Panaflo fans and they’re incredibly quiet.

    Either way, kudos to the Xserve RAID setup. I’ve been trying to get my company to move over to them. Fat chance, since this is a Windows Server environment which drives me nuts. Ooogh…

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