Jobs’ Pixar scores biggest animated film box office opening ever with ‘Finding Nemo’

Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Co.’s undersea adventure, ‘Finding Nemo,’ was the top movie in the U.S. and Canada, with an estimated $70.6 million in ticket sales, the biggest opening ever for an animated film. The movie [was] also the biggest debut ever for Disney,” Bloomberg reports.

“‘Finding Nemo’ follows Pixar and Disney’s success with computer-animated films such as ‘Toy Story.’ The companies share costs and revenue equally after Pixar pays Disney a distribution fee. Their four prior movies grossed $856 million in the U.S. and Canada. The last four animated films Disney released on its own took in about $255 million, Exhibitor Relations said,” reports Bloomberg.

“‘Monsters, Inc.,’ the companies’ last co-production, brought in $62.6 million during its debut weekend in November 2001, the previous record for biggest animated opening… ‘Nemo’s’ success could give Pixar an edge in talks with Disney to renew the companies’ partnership after their current agreement expires at the end of 2005, Smith Barney analyst Jill Krutick wrote in a May 29 report to clients. Pixar, headed by Apple Computer Inc. Chief Executive Officer Steven Jobs, has been free since April to sign a new agreement with another studio that would start in 2006. Jobs has said that Pixar has held talks with several major studios. Pixar currently keeps about 40 percent of the movies’ profit while Disney keeps the remaining 60 percent, said Krutick…”

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  1. Going this afternoon for son’s 6th b-day. Can’t wait! And yeah, Jobs’ should look for a better deal where Pixar can keep 60-80% profit rather than 40% when they do 90% of the work on the film. Reminds me of record companies giving artists only .07 for each dollar the artist makes.

  2. I would think that the time has come to cut out the middleman in both the movie industry and in the recording industry. Pixar has enough of a track record to distribute its movies on its own – without paying Disney (or anyone else) such a huge chunk of change. If nothing else – hire some folks to do the distribution in house –

    The same goes in the recording industry. Why do all of these super performers need managers and record companies – especially in the face of the distribution technology that is available nowadays. I just don’t understand how we have allowed such a huge bunch of interlopers into our economy – and they really don’t produce anything – except for themselves.

  3. Saw “Finding Nemo” this weekend. My 3 year-old daughter, whose favorite stuffed animal is a clownfish, thought it was okay, but got bored by the end, as it is pretty long. My 5 year-old son was fine with it until near the end, when fatigue and the overly potentious buildup and drama of the niece sent him crying from the theatre, only to come back and get scared again by a gratuitous final crisis (don’t want to give away too much).

    I was entertained, but “Finding Nemo” is definitely trailing the pack for my “Favorite Pixar Movie.” Even some of their short films rank ahead in my mind.

  4. This movie is AWESOME. Great story and the animation seems to get so much better with every PIXAR release. PIXAR could probably ditch Disney now.

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