Power your new iPod with ‘AA’ alkalines; 15-20 hours battery life

The Belkin Backup Battery Pack keeps the music playing by letting you power your iPod device with replaceable batteries-even when your internal battery is drained. It’s a great solution for long plane flights, or hikes, or for anytime you don’t have access to an AC outlet. The Battery Pack uses four standard “AA” alkaline batteries that you can simply replace when the charge is gone. Discreet suction cups secure the unit to the back of your iPod, without marring your iPod’s finish. In addition, the Battery Pack incorporates a charge-level indicator, so you can tell ahead of time when your batteries are running low, and never be caught without your tunes again.

– Indicates charge levels with 4 LEDs, so you know when to replace batteries
– Provides 15-20 hours of battery life
– Prevents accidental on/off powering with secure switch
– Comes with 2 extra suction cups
– Includes 4 AA batteries, for virtually unlimited playing time
– 3-Year Product Warranty by Belkin

The Belkin Backup Battery Pack is US$59 from the Apple Store online. More info here.


  1. They saw me coming, but what was I to do regarding long flights that also include long airport terminal lay overs? I’d be more impressed if this unit charged the iPod, just not acted as a supplemental, mobile power source.

    Did you say you have some swampland I could buy? How much?

  2. Oh yeah that’s it! *sarcastically* Why don’t I just invent a cranking device to charge up my iPod…and have people looking at me like I am on some cranking marathon for electricity at the airport terminal then all of a sudden somebody yells that I am trying to charge up a bomb. Pardon me…..an iBomb.

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