Apple iTunes Music Store sold 3 million songs in first month

Brief note: The New York Times is reporting that…

“In just its first month of operation the service, by the company’s estimate, has sold three million songs online, at 99 cents each,” reports Neil Strauss for The New York Times in an article entitled, “Apple Finds the Future for Online Music Sales.” We reported on this same article earlier today focusing on Apple’s current position in the driver’s seat of online music sales, but feel that the “official” number warrants a special highlight.

Full article here.


  1. No audiobooks…

    I like Apple’s model with ITMS, but I think they are afraid of infringing on Audible’s territory. I will not buy audiobooks from Audible due to the limitations that they impose, and Apple is afraid of adding these to their service.

    Browse Apple’s “Spoken Word” genre…nothing but comedy. They should just go ahead and rename this to “Comedy” and place a notice that they will never sell audiobooks.

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