Windows XP user Michael P. sent us a followup email today. Due to the popularity of the original, we’ve decided to print this one, too. Here it is in its entirety:

“After reading the MacDailyNews ‘Reader feedback’ to the email I sent to you guys yesterday morning, I must say I’ve run through many different emotions. Since you will probably print this email, I will be much more careful with what I write this time.”

“I was looking at what I thought was some great software from Apple. I run one piece of Apple software on my PC – QuickTime. Although it doesn’t work as well as WMP and the files are huge in comparision, it’s OK. And it keeps nagging me to upgrade for a price. Also, I was thinking of Apple as a software company, not as a hardware company. Specifically, I was wishing I could have iTunes for Windows, like I have an iPod for Windows. I think iTunes looks/works better than MusicMatch and I want access to the iTunes Music Store from my Windows PC.”

“I also really would like to have the ability to run iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD, etc. on my Dell after looking them over on Apple’s site and watching movies of those applications in action. I still don’t understand totally why Apple can’t make these programs cross-platform and sell them, but I kind of see the point after reading the responses.”

“Many of the ‘reader feedback’ replies were quite nasty, by the way. But, I guess my original email was a bit hastily written and contained some errors (like saying 1% and calling Apple a tiny, insignificant speck), so I understand up to a point. Many were past the point of understanding. Some of the replies were informative however and they helped me in various ways.”

“I think Apple could make a ton of cash selling iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD, etc. to the much, much larger Windows market. I wish they would try it. But, I see the point of tying it to the hardware side of their business – it’s all integrated and it helps sell hardware.”

“So, instead of waiting forever for something that probably won’t happen, I’m thinking of falling into Apple’s trap. I am considering buying an eMac for $799 to try it. I won’t be able to do iDVD, but I’m not willing to spend an extra $500 for that just yet. This way I can try iTunes (will my Windows iPod work with it?) and iMovie, iPhoto and all the rest. I will see if I like it or I will sell it on eBay.”

“I do think this is a planned effort by Apple to make people have to buy Macintosh computers instead of Dells or whatever. I am a little worried about how I will connect the Dell and the eMac to transfer contacts, MP3’s, pictures, etc. Also, I am a total beginner at using the operating system. We’ll see if it’s as easy as they say. Also, I use Windows at work, of course, so I will still have the Dell for Office and stuff when working on things at home. I am planning to go to the mall and the Apple store to try out the machine first and see if they can help answer some questions. I also have a CompUSA that is closer – which do you recommend? Probably the Apple store, right?”

“Anyway, I will try it out and see if anybody has any suggestions about the eMac or stores or whatever if you do print this online and then I’ll email you about how it all goes. Thank you.”

– Michael P.