USA Today: ‘iPod is an All-Star; outclasses every other portable player’

It’s Apple’s iPod vs. the new Neuros MP3 Digital Audio Computer in today’s USA Today.

“Perhaps it is unreasonable to compare the new Neuros MP3 Digital Audio Computer to an Apple iPod, in the same way it’s unfair to evaluate a triple-A prospect next to Texas Rangers’ shortstop Alex Rodriguez. But if you plan on becoming a superstar in the big leagues — and Neuros, from a private Chicago company, Digital Innovations, is loaded with intriguing, albeit flawed features — why not see how the machine measures up to the best? And the iPod is the A-Rod of portable digital music players. It’s no contest. As it enters its third generation, the iPod is only getting better. The raw Neuros, on the other hand, performs like the rookie it is. To be fair, the iPod also outclasses every other portable player I’ve seen, in style, speed and simplicity,” writes Edward C. Baig for USA Today.

Baig continues, “IPods are so inviting — gush-able, really — you want to pick them up and play with them. I still haven’t come across anything nearly as easy to use, especially if you are syncing up your music collection with a Mac. But these iPods double as Windows-capable players, allowing the greater 95% of the computing market to equally indulge… To suggest that Neuros lacks Apple’s polish is an understatement.”

Full article here.

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  1. of course theres no competition the ipod is the best. it is one of those rare items that makes you want to own one just because its so cool. if you ask me all the others are guttertrash.

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