First 1.33 GHz processor upgrade for Power Mac G4 debuts

Other World Computing today debuted its Mercury Extreme product line with a G4/1.33 GHz processor upgrade, available immediately for $579.99. The first 1.33GHz processor upgrade to hit the market for the Power Macintosh G4, OWC’s Mercury Extreme G4/1.33GHz processor is also the fastest Macintosh processor upgrade to date. Each unit comes with a 30-day, 100 percent money back guarantee, as well as a three-year limited warranty.

OWC’s Mercury Extreme G4 is a simple replacement solution for existing processors that increases computer speed, efficiency and longevity, and is a true plug-and-play solution that does not use or require enabling software. Fully compatible with PowerMac G4 AGP-equipped models (350Megahertz to 1GHz), the Mercury Extreme G4 acts as a replacement to the stock Apple G4 daughtercard and does not take up a separate PCI or AGP slot. The Mercury Extreme G4 also includes a pre-installed, high-performance heat sink and an ultra-quiet cooling fan.

“We’re extremely pleased to be the first to market these new G4/1.33GHz processor upgrades and to introduce the Mercury Extreme brand to the world,” said Larry O’Connor, president of OWC in the press release. “We believe that the OWC Mercury Extreme is positioned to become one of the most reliable and economical brands available. With this new processor upgrade our customers will experience extreme speed and performance at a very reasonable price. In other words, the Mercury Extreme G4/1.33GHz delivers a whole lot of bang for the buck.”

“Since the Mercury Extreme G4’s custom heat sink/fan system actually operates cooler than the competition, we used heat-resistant parts to further increase reliability and lifespan,” O’Connor said. “Not only is our heat sink greatly improved over other heat sinks designed for older processors, but our system also includes a cooling fan which directs air across the heat sink for optimum cooling without simply pushing air against it. The fan is also whisper quiet and does not add to system noise.”

The Mercury Extreme G4 features a Motorola PowerPC G4 7455a 1.33GHz processor, 256 Kilobytes of 1:1 L2 cache on-chip and 2 Megabytes of high-speed synchronous dynamic RAM (DDR L3) operating at up to 267 Megahertz (MHz). The Mercury Extreme G4 is compatible with Sawtooth, Gigabit Ethernet, Digital Audio, Quicksilver and Quicksilver 2002 Apple Power Macintosh models and supports Mac OS 9.2.1 and higher, as well as OS X and higher, including all 10.2.x versions.

Additional details and complete pricing information about OWC’s Mercury Extreme G4/1.33GHZ processor upgrade can be found here.

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