BusinessWeek Technology Editor: ‘this is going to be the summer of Mac’

“Few on Wall Street are predicting much more upside for Apple this summer. But let me be contrarian: I think this is going to be the summer of Mac, one of its best seasons in a long time — one that might even provide a nice lift to Apple’s stock price. My logic? Several stars are set to align for Steve Jobs & Co. Although Apple won’t talk about it, IBM has confirmed that it’s developing a new set of chips for the Mac. Desktop publishing and graphics software giant Quark is hinting it will finally bring out an OS X version of its software. Finally, the creative markets in advertising and media should begin to rebound in the summer, which will allow media and advertising companies to proceed with long-postponed hardware upgrades,” writes Alex Salkever for BusinessWeek.

Salkever goes deeper in depth about how the addition of 64-bit PowerPC 970 into Macintosh product lines, the introduction of the long-awaited version of Quark for Mac OS X, recoveries in the advertising and graphics businesses, and Apple’s iTunes Music Store may combine to make this “the summer of the Mac.”

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