Opera syncs Linux and Windows releases; Mac OS X version left to whither

“A new release of Opera’s Linux browser marks the company’s effort to keep Windows and Linux software versions synchronised. But the Mac has been left out in the cold,” reports Matthew Broersma. “Opera has finalised its latest Web browser for the Linux platform, bringing the software up to speed with Opera’s Windows version, and adding such features as fast-forward, rewind, image slideshows and an email client.”

Broersma writes, “Opera may be keeping its Linux and Windows updates synchronised, but it has deliberately let its Mac OS X development efforts lag. In January, Apple launched its own Safari browser on the platform, and as a result Opera said it was questioning whether it would continue issuing Mac updates. The latest Mac version [of Opera] is 6.0.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Download Apple’s Safari Public Beta 2 browser here.


  1. I dont blame them, because their Mac version was slow and buggy. It cannot hold a candle to the Safari “Beta”. When the official release of Safari is made available, it would mean “lights out” for Opera, so why develop a product that already has its head on the chopping block.

  2. It’s about time for Opera to die. Opera on a Mac is not a good experience, and in my opinon it has only gotten worse with every attempt at an upgrade. Camino and Safari have Opera whipped hands down. Opera hasn’t been a viable browser for a long time, it goes nicely with windoz though, good ridance.

  3. Opera sadly was deficient from the start and wasn’t even as fast as Explorer on some pages, even though it claimed to be “The fastest browser on the planet.” Not to mention it would unexpectedly quit on way too many pages and had poor rendering of rollover images. Once Safari came out, it was clear they’d have to play a huge catchup game with Apple. The other browsers though still have things to offer that Apple has not. There were at least 4 Mac web browsers faster than Opera in Mac OS X. And that alone made any claims spurious. Had they been faster than Safari, they might have had reason to continue development.

  4. Linux needs to have a choice. Windows users don’t know any better.
    Mac users expect a quality non buggy intuitive browser or they simply won’t use it.
    Opera can’t deliver. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  5. It’s too bad that Opera acknowledged that their product was too weak to compete with an Apple product. It seems as though they are afraid of competition.

    Is it because their subset of developers just doesn’t have the talent? Do they acknowledge that their product will never be able to compete with Apple’s offerings?

    Well, it just goes to show you, crappy products will die under their own weight. Apparently they need to compete with poorly designed monopolies or users starved for a standard desktop experience.

    Opera just couldn’t hack it and rightly accepted defeat without a battle. Since this is the case, I’m glad they’re gone.

  6. I find it incredible that developers continue to use Safari as an excuse to not develop for Mac. MS have IE which is free on Windows and this does not stop the Opera team developing for Windows. Why is Safari such a threat? Either Opera is conpetitive or it is not.

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