Syracuse Post-Standard: Top 10 ways to find out Mac news; MacDailyNews at #10

“No Mac is an island. Here are 10 ways to keep up on developments in the world of OS X and Apple,” writes Al Fasoldt for The Syracuse Post-Standard.

Fasoldt lists, in order from 1 to 10, visit Apple’s website, subscribe to MacWorld magazine, visit Versiontracker, MacUpdate, use Google’s Mac site, visit MacSlash, check out, drop by MacFixIt, visit MacOSX Hints, and…

…drum roll please…

Coming in at #10, Fasoldt writes, “Get a Mac perspective on what’s going on from a site guaranteed to filter out the Microsoft bias that slips into most news sites. It’s MacDailyNews at

That was a nice surprise for us to see this Thursday morning.

Read the full article and get the links to the sites listed above here.


  1. I live in Skaneateles, NY (suburban Syracuse).

    Mr. Faslodt writes a WEEKLY MAC column in the Syracuse paper!
    Very nice, indeed. He is the “tech” writer for the paper.

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