Popular Mechanics proclaims Apple’s HD Cinema Display ‘King Of All Flat Screen Monitors’

“The first thing you’ll notice about Apple Computer’s luscious HD Cinema 23-in. flat-panel display is its size. It’s big–really big. Yet, it has a footprint of only 7.3 in. And it’s really thin, too–only 2 in. deep. It’s a Euclidian plane balanced on its edge, stable yet dynamic. The clear plastic frame and clean lines make the image on the screen look like it’s floating in midair. The combination of good looks, stylish design and fantastic image quality leads us to proclaim this Apple display as the King Of All LCD Monitors,” writes Christopher Allbritton.

Allbritton continues, “You have got to see it to believe it. Colors are rich, the transitions are smooth and with Apple’s OS X running, at times you’ll swear you’re looking at a glossy magazine… Apple’s HD Cinema Display is one of a kind. There are more expensive monitors out there, but none give you the design, stunning picture and HD resolution that Apple does. And none of them give you the ease of use.”

Full article here.


  1. Coolest thing: touch the non-physical-button Adjust symbol printed on the display and System Preferences pops up to the Displays pane. Just feels futuristic!

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