Upcoming iSync version rumored to support .Mac-based ‘Safari Bookmark Sync’

“Company documents say that iSync 1.1 will have support for more brands and models of wireless phones, confirming our earlier report that the update will feature expanded compatibility. While they do not go into further detail about the phones, we were initially told to expect support for more Motorola and Nokia phones, as well as the Sony Ericsson P800,” reports Nick dePlume, Publisher and Editor in Chief of ThinkSecret.com.

dePlume continues, “The intent of the new “Safari bookmark sync” feature has also become clearer: Sources say that the feature will enable syncing of Safari bookmarks between computers, via .Mac. We’ve also learned that iSync 1.1 will include widened Palm device support. iSync 1.1, code-named Deckard, is due later in the month.”

Full article here.

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