Cintos – a cross between Othello and Risk – updated for Mac OS X

Cintos is a unique strategy board game with online play. The game is played on an 8×8 board, with 2 or 4 players (0-4 humans). Play rotates with each player moving one piece up, down, left, or right by one space, capturing pieces based upon the space was moved to. The objective is to capture all of the pieces.

Cintos features:
– Strategic gameplay
– Play against Easy, Medium, and Hard Computer Players
– Detailed statistics are saved for each player.
– Customizable player colors and board background.

What’s new in this version
– Rendevous Online Games. Host and discover local online games automatically
– Online Games with multiple others. Any number of people can play and/or watch an online game
– Reworked Networking. Completely overhauled the online game system to allow features above
– Removed Online Restriction. Online games no longer have a move restriction when unregistered
– Toolbar Icons Updated. New batch of toolbar icons with a more Aqua look

Cintos is freeware. More info and download link here.

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