Evening Standard: iTunes Music Store ‘not available yet on ordinary personal computers’

“It seems almost inevitable that Steve Jobs, the head of Apple Computer and the computer industry’s greatest showman, should be the man who is showing the industry where its future lies. Using his own and Apple’s still formidable reputation, he has managed to legitimise online sales in the eyes of music executives. Any lesser individual or company probably could not have achieved this. While his primary aim is to boost Apple’s revenues with commissions from music sales, Jobs is creating what is likely to be the music retailing model for the future. Clad in his signature black polo neck pullover and jeans, he introduced Apple’s iTunes Music Store last week. It is not available yet in Britain or on ordinary personal computers, but it soon will be,” writes Richard Thomson for London’s Evening Standard.

MacDailyNews Take: “Ordinary.” His description could hardly be more apt. No, Mr. Thomson, for now, the iTunes Music Store is only available for extraordinary computers.

Full article here.


  1. I understood ROTFL but MFAO was out of my league.

    Every time I see more than 4 capitol letters together in a web forum, it makes me want to RUADTSJASH

  2. Well its not available on my extraordinary G4. Seems I don’t live in the excited states. But serving non-US markets seems to be an extraordinary challange for apple.

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