Jailbreak From Outer Space game for Mac OS X released

It was like time no longer existed. Suddenly, John Silvergood opened an eye, then another. He wasn’t in BruxTown anymore but somewhere else: in a spaceship driven by the universe’s most evil extraterrestrial! This is where the adventure begins… take all the dimonds and save the earth.

Jailbreak is shareware. You can play the first 5 levels in the evaluation version. If you like the evaluation version of Jailbreak, and you’d like to play to the full 50 levels through 3 (graphically different) crazy worlds, you can log on to the developer’s online secure store. With the license, you will unlock the limitations of the demo version.

After the purchase you will receive: your personal unlocking code via email. Your personal unlocking code will be valid for all updates of Jailbreak. All updates are free. More info here.

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