Watson 1.7 now available

Watson is an innovative utility that bypasses the Web Browser, Watson is a time-saving ?Swiss Army Knife? that packs nineteen time-saving, productivity-enhancing interfaces to the most important web content and services.

URLs are hard to remember. Web services are scattered across the vastness of the web. Bookmark management is an oxymoron. Watson eliminates these problems and reduces your time-to-everything on the web – Watson makes getting information from the Web simple and straightforward.

Much faster than Sherlock, according to the developer, Karelia Software, with nearly twice as many useful tools, including Google Searching, you?ll never need to launch Sherlock 3 again.

What?s New in this Version
– New SiteSearch tool bundled with the application
– A revamped Epicurious tool is now bundled with the application. (Recipes has been renamed to RecipeSource for clarity)
– PriceGrabber: Categories of Apparel, Jewelry, and Photography are now included
– When installing or updating tools, the files are now compressed, resulting in faster downloads.
– Most search input fields now are ?combo boxes? storing the last dozen search terms in them.
– Hypertext links in text displays now properly turn the cursor to a ?hand? when it is over the link area.

More info and download link here.

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