Older iPods lack new iPod features even after iPod Software 1.3 Updater; list of ‘missing features’

We’re collecting a list of “missing features” from a group of emails we’ve received from “old” iPod owners. Please use the Feedback section below to add to or dispute this list:

After you update your “old” iPod to 1.3, you find that:

– No new games on older iPods.
– No alarm feature on older iPods.
– No sleep timer on older iPods.
– No text notes on older iPods.
– No On-The-Go playlists on older iPods.

Hardware deficiencies of “old” iPods compared to the new iPods:

– No new iPod accessories will be made without the new iPod’s proprietary firewire connector from this point out. iTrip, iFM, etc.
– No backlit buttons on older iPods.
– New iPods lighter and thinner / old iPods fatter and heavier.
– New iPod screens have superior contrast compared to old iPods.

More info about Apple’s new iPods here.


  1. I may be wrong but I read somewhere that the new iPods also lack (for now) the above mentioned software “deficiencies” until iPod Software 2.0 comes out in June. So there still is a chance that all iPods with software 2.0 get the new games and such. I guess we will find out Friday.


  2. I have a sleep timer on my ‘old’ iPod.

    It seems odd that the games and text aren’t available. The alarm and on-the-go playlists may be hardware issues that cannot be implemented with firmware changes.

    Personally, I’m, pleased that the differences are largely cosmetic. it means there’s no compelling reason for me to ditch old for new and get the credit card out. The old one still does what it did, which is still amazing. It was a must-have device. The new one is on ly must-have if you don’t already have an iPod, you NEED 30gig of music on the move (maybe an iPodding DJ) or money simply isn’t an issue.

  3. I have an old original 5GB iPod (bought the week that they were released in the UK) ..and I DO have Alarms (may even have possibly had them in 1.2.6) and I DO have text notes (which I also had previously, before updating to 1.3. I also DO have a Sleep Timer (which I may or may not have had previously, I’m not sure).

    I THINK I have more Languages, but maybe I had those before, too, and simply hadn’t noticed them.

    I DO NOT have new Games, NOR On-The-Go Playlists.

    So I DO have three of the five features which you say (above) are NOT present on “old” iPods!

  4. I like the new Pods, but I love my 10g one more … I am sure I will fall in love with the new one when I have some face-to-face time with it later; but I will still miss the “old” Pods … because of the FireWire cable, everyone kind of forgets that the iPod is also a portable harddrive; with a special cable, it will make it more difficult and convenient to move data around, in effect the new iPod suddenly becomes less portable. It is already difficult to expect FireWire cable everywhere for now, it will be impossible to be spontaneous with moving data with the new iPod! I know many people like a dock, but we have so many docks for stuff already, PDAs, cellphones, laptops, different types of batteries, my tooth brush, my face hair trimmer, my camera charger, cordless phones, VersaPak … so, how much desk space do you have for a new dock?

  5. Just don’t go the Apple forums where the whinefest is at full-throttle.
    If you want/need this new stuff, sell your current iPod and get a new one.
    Frankly, the list on this page is wrong and who cares?
    If you want some of those features, send Apple feedback, but PLEASE quit the whining – it’s jsut embarrassing (I’m talking about other places, not here – so far)


  6. Ah, played around with my “old” iPod, and discover that we do have alarms and sleep-timer functions, but the “alarms” should not be confused as the new alarm clock like the new iPods have, it is a function for the Calender, a calender reminder! The sleep-timer function is a crude version; with upto 120 mins setting!

  7. “- No new iPod accessories will be made without the new iPod’s proprietary firewire connector from this point out. iTrip, iFM, etc.”

    WTF? The iTrip and iFM draw their power from the headphone jack, not the FireWire port. In fact, the iTrip will not fit properly on the new iPods because of the FireWire port plug, which is designed to do nothing more than keep the iTrip from twisting around.

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