ChartAttack: Apple open iTunes Music Store – no PC need apply… for now, billed as your Canadian Music Source has posted an article outlining Apple’s new iTunes Music Store. They do not mention in the article that the service is currently U.S.-only, but they seem to like the service, even though it is Mac-only for the time being.

“Amid rumours of Apple Computer Inc. buying Universal Music, the computer giant has announced the launch of iTunes Music Store ? the first website to allow users to download and swap music files. Here?s how it works: the site has upwards of around 200,000 songs, including artists like Eminem and U2, who have been adamant about protecting their online copyrights in the past. You browse through the library, preview whatever you like, and when you find a song you like, KABLAM! You pay a whopping 99 cents for the song and it?s yours. Here?s where it gets interesting. Once you?ve downloaded the song, you can actually swap it with three (and no more) other Mac computers, and can download it in onto as many iPods as your little heart desires. You can also burn it onto all the CDs you like (which likely won?t please those who hiss about CD burning),” reports

ChartAttack concludes, “in time it’s expected that millions of songs will be available through this service. Right now, the only catch is that you need to own a system with a MAC OS X or higher. No PCs need apply, although the company is already planning on expanding their software options to PC-based software by the end of the year.”

Full article here.

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  1. Just downloaded and paid for an album.
    Can’t play any of the music because of a big Apple snafu.
    A number of users have been bitten by this bug.
    It’s the “cannot authorize” bug.

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