Apple plans iTunes for Windows to open iTunes Music Store to wider audience

“Apple has indirectly confirmed it is developing a version of its iTunes music jukebox software for Windows. According to the Mac maker’s employment opportunities site, the company is seeking a Senior Software Engineer. His or her key responsibility: ‘Design and build Apple’s newest Consumer Application, iTunes for Windows,'” reports Tony Smith for The Register.

Smith continues, “When Apple first made its iPod personal music player available to Windows users, it chose to bundle MusicMatch’s Jukebox Plus software rather than port over iTunes. The intention was clear: to reserve the tight integration between iTunes and iPod for Mac users. But with Apple’s Music Store committed to Windows support by the end of the year, Apple has a need to provide software that can tie in the online purchasing system to both PCs and PC-hosted iPods. More importantly, the software also needs to tie into QuickTime to allow the playback off protected AAC files of the kind used by the Music Store.”

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    Steve Jobs said near the end of his presentation that Windows support for the new Apple iTunes music service would be available by “the end of the year”. Why so many sites are speculating when the man himself said it indicates either:
    a) they were not paying attention.
    b) they do not know that of which they speak.
    With all of the negative vibes about WinMedia Player, the smartest thing Apple could do is package up a new Windows version of Quicktime for WinXP that accesses the service. Since Quicktime is already available for Windows AND supports AAC files, this should be a slam-dunk. Take that Mr Gates…

  2. Yeah, we watched the event, davgreg, and nowhere did Jobs say that there would be iTunes for Windows. Jobs only said that Windows support would be coming. Okay, davgreg?

    iTunes is the issue here (and your attitude), not Windows support for the Music Store. iTunes the application, not iTunes Music Store.

    Clear enough for ya? It’s very clear in the article above. Sheesh!

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