The Seattle Times compares 17-inch PowerBook to Sony Vaio PCG-GRX770

“Although today’s laptops tend to be smaller, faster and lighter, an emerging class of machines is shrugging off that smaller-is-better approach in favor of much larger designs accommodating desktop-size screens,” writes Jeff Carlson, Special to The Seattle Times.

“Are these SUVs of the computing world too big to fit on your lap? To find out, I sampled two recent plus-sized models: Apple’s 17-inch PowerBook G4 and Sony’s Vaio PCG-GRX770. Both computers are speedy, incorporating some of the fastest chips available for each company’s portables – a 1 GHz PowerPC processor in the PowerBook and a 2.2 GHz Pentium 4M in the Vaio,” Cralson writes.

Full article here.

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