Watch and record TV on your Mac with Vidi 0.4

Vidi is an application that lets you watch and record TV on your Mac using the Formac Sutdio DV/TV video converter. You can also use Vidi to listen to FM radio stations (with supported Studio models).

Vidi includes a control palette for changing channels and adjusting picture settings when the Studio DV/TV is being used with other applications, such as QuickTime Broadcaster or iMovie.

Vidi can record in the background, but you can also use Vidi to watch TV at full size and full frame rate as it is being recorded.

You can use Vidi to schedule recordings in advance. Vidi will perform the recordings at the scheduled times, as long as you’re not logged out.

Vidi requires Mac OS X 10.2.3 or later, a FireWire-equipped Mac and one of the following models of the Formac Studio DV/TV video converter:

– The NTSC version with the Philips FM1236 M/N FM-Radio tuner.
– The PAL version with the Philips FM1216 B/G FM-Radio tuner.
– The PAL version with the Philips FM1246 (PAL I) FM-Radio tuner.
– The SECAM/PAL version with the Philips FI 1216MF (SECAM) tuner. (Vidi does not support FM and PAL with this model).

More info and download link here.

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