Make your Mac OS X Jaguar Dock transparent and much more

TransparentDock 2 is an application that allows customization of the Mac OS X 10.2 dock. The transparency level of the dock is fully adjustable, from fully transparent to fully opaque, or somewhere in between. An assortment of options are available to enhance the appearance & functionality of the dock, and each can be applied independently, or combined into a theme. A fully customizeable palette allows saving & switching between an unlimited number of custom dock themes. As always, built-in reset options allow returning the dock to its original state.

New in Version 2.0:
Completely rewritten in AppleScript Studio… this application will only make changes to the dock under Mac OS X 10.2 or later. If run in earlier versions of Mac OS X, TransparentDock will not make the dock transparent.

– Fully adjustable transparency with 7 transparency levels
– Set the color & transparency of the dock background & borders
– Set the color of the triangles under open (running) applications (more colors)
– TD Themes palette allows saving & switching among custom dock themes
– Customize the dock poof effect
– Control the icon name font size
– Control the floating state of the dock
– Lock icons in the dock (disables icon dragging)
– Allow Finder icon dragging
– Enable single application mode when switching applications from the dock
– Show or hide background-only applications
– Place Hide & Hide Others commands in the docked application popup menus
– Show or hide package contents in the docked directory popup menus
– Show or hide invisible & system files in the docked directory popup menus
– Control the depth of hierarchical menus from the docked directory popup menus

More information and download link here.

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