LOOPS Screensaver Series use video and mp3 for unique Mac OS X Screen Effects

LOOPS are a collection of screensavers that have all in common that they loop real video and play mp3 files. Beside the free “LOOPS Teaser” that shows a Newton Scale in action, there are 5 screensavers that you can download for $1.50 each:

– LOOPS Aqua: The look & style of MacOS X put into fluid motion.
– LOOPS Disco: The seventies are back in town. This funky screensaver will revitalise your mp3 collection.
– LOOPS Fireplace: Warm and cosy, this excellent screensaver brings you a real fireplace without running out of wood.
– LOOPS Laundry: This bizarre screensaver does the dirty work for you. Keep it washing or use it as a replacement for your TV.
– LOOPS Stream: Take a big breath of clean air and listen to the birds and the running water.

More info and download link here.

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