Apple gives .Mac members more free gifts; 8 deluxe board games from Freeverse

“Eight Great Board Games – Just Download and Play,’ says Apple’s .Mac site. “From a thought-provoking game of chess to a quick round of tic tac toe, Deluxe Board Games from Freeverse offer hours of entertainment for everyone. This suite of eight classic board games – Chess, Checkers, 7th Fleet, 4 In A Row, Go, Mancala, Tic Tac Toe, and Reversi – (a US$20 value) is yours free just for being a .Mac member,” reads the public entrance to the .Mac site.

From the .Mac member’s password-protected web page:

“This suite of deluxe board games from Freeverse, US$20 value, is yours free?just for being a .Mac member. All of these great games can be played online against others and seven can be played on your own desktop against an artificial intelligence opponent. These exciting games are just a download away:

– 4 In A Row – Race your opponent to be the first to light up four buttons in a row.
– 7th Fleet – Destroy your opponent’s fleet while protecting your own ships.
– Checkers – The classic board game, known in the UK as Draughts.
– Chess – Freeverse’s take on one of the world most famous board games.
– Go – In this classic Eastern game, players must surround an opponent’s pieces.
– Mancala – The subtle African game of stones.
– Reversi – You flip over your opponent’s pieces and go for the corners.
– Tic Tac Toe – This classic will take you back.


  1. And as far as I could see it is OSX only. Wish they could say so on the first page. I know they want us to switch, but this “we don’t bother to speak to those without OSX” is impolite. (PS that’s British understatement for @$�&-ing irritating!)

  2. Yes it is OS X only, Apple some time ago said they have discontinued developing for OS 9 or below. Which also means nothing new is coming for OS 9.

    Join the new age and get OS X.

  3. Joined the new age yesterday (NOT because of these games).

    Still think Apple should be clearer about this when it comes to other companies programmes. Updates of such programes are still coming out for OS9. The majority of macs out there are still OS9 (QuarkX where art thou?) and some of us coughed up the cash for .Mac.

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