ZDNet UK commentator calls ‘Apple Macintosh… obscure, outdated computer architecture’

Rupert Goodwins, ZDNet UK, commentator likens Apple Macintosh to defunct platforms in his latest screed, writing, “It’s easy enough to get a full inbox of scorn in response to a column: all you have to do is insult some obscure, outdated computer architecture such as a BBC Micro, an Acorn Archimedes or the Apple Macintosh.”

We hope he’s talking about the “Classic” Mac OS and not Mac OS X.

Later in the commentary, he asks, “what exactly goes on in Windows when you rename a file and everything goes dead for a second? Why do shortcuts never notice when their main files are moved or deleted? Why did the giant brains at Microsoft design a registry that had no access control and was a half-hearted attempt at a database, despite having all the tools already present in the operating system to have done it properly?”

Now he’s making some sense. Read it all here.


  1. It is just amazing that some people that are supposed to be journalist that don’t do some research into the product they are bashing.

    And to comment on the end of his piece:
    I think that even MacOS 8.5 told you when the source file of an alias was dead. He really needs to take a look at OS X Multi threaded goodness.

  2. That probably one of the dumbest articles i’ve ever read, lacks focus, and direction. It’s simply a formated rant of other peoples rants, that he rants about. What technology writer doesn’t know how to block text, seriously it documented all over the place, and for different programs? I wonder if he knows what cntrl – c does?

    Its pretty obvious that he doesn’t even know anything about the system he is bashing, let alone apple. He obviously just wants to be stuck back on his old commander 64 and be left alone to type. I would bet he got that job by being the first journalist somewhere to use a computer instead of a typewriter… and one thing led to another and suddenly .. look i’m a geek, ERRRR wrong.

  3. The author (Rupert Goodwins / ZDNet UK) freely admits his utter lack of computer savvy. Ironically, the Mac OS that he casually scorns does not suffer from the listed Windows complaints. For instance, even the classic MacOS has neatly filed control panels, extensions and preferences for as long as I can remember.

    And Mr. Goodwins must not be aware that the “..obscure, outdated computer architecture…” that goes by the Macintosh brand name is in the forefront of product innovation and the open source movement. It is truly sad that Mr. Goodwins will not be held responsible for the misinformation which he is spreading.

  4. There’s a troll born every minute, and I guess Rupert Goodwins was the one for his minute.

    Now, it IS true that MOTOROLA uses a crap architecture. Alti-Vec should have been killed in the cradle � because in a RISC architecture, ON-CHIP REAL ESTATE IS FOR CACHE, not complex instructions. And Moto wouldn’t have even had the real estate to waste if IBM had not (at Apple’s request) taught the fools from Phoenix how SOI and 13-mu features were fabbed. We won’t miss Moto…

    But back to Mr. Goodwins. One measure of an argument is empirical data. Here are some questions for you sleuths: “How much money does ZDNet make? How much does Apple make? When was ZDNet’s latest layoff? Is Goodwins an employee, or a ‘free-lancer’?”

  5. It just goes to show that irony doesn’t always translate across the Web! My inclusion of the Mac on that list — especially in an article concerning the shortcomings of Windows — was tongue in cheek.

    If it makes anyone feel any happier: I used to be technical editor of MacUser in the UK a while back, I’ve never owned a Commodore 64, I built my first computer from a kit more than twenty years ago (oh dear), I’m full-time at ZDNet, and as for being the greatest wanker in the business… I’m honoured, but there’s a lot of competition for the position.



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