WordService freeware provides 32 functions for selected text in Mac OS X Cocoa apps

This service provides 32 functions to convert, format or speak the currently selected text, to insert data or to show statistics of the selection within all Cocoa-applications (e.g. Textedit, Mail, Stickies, Notes, Fire, OmniWeb, ProjectBuilder or TeXShop) and Carbon-applications supporting services.

– German/English/French/Dutch/Danish/Italian

– Reformat
– Remove line endings/multiple spaces/quotes
– Trim line beginnings/line endings/lines
– Sort lines ascending/descending
– Shift left/right

– Initial Caps Of Words/Sentences
– All Caps/Lowercase
– Macintosh/Windows/Unix line endings
– Mac- to Windows-Encoding/Windows- to Mac-Encoding
– Encode/Decode tabs
– Straight/Smart quotes
– Rotate13

– Insert date/date & time/time/contents of path
– Speak native/german text
– Statistics

More info and download link here.

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