Simple free AutoFill for any browser including Safari; make multiple profiles

Pseudo-AutoFill is an easy-to-use generator for an AutoFill bookmarklet (a bookmark that does a special job), allowing AutoFill from any browser at all. It’s easy to install-just fill out a form with information about future autofills, drag a link to your bookmarks bar and you’re set! To use Pseudo-AutoFill, just click on the link in your bookmarks bar, and all of the values that Pseudo-AutoFill recognizes will be filled in for you. None of the data you fill out is sent to a server, so you don’t have to worry about anyone reading your personal data.

The best thing about this is that you can make multiple AutoFill profiles. Make one for personal autofills with your home address and information, make another one for work, etc. Nice!

It works in Safari (v60). More info here.


  1. Brendan, read the instructions. From the site:

    “Note to Safari v0.6.x users: Don’t drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar. Instead, control-click on the link and choose Add Link to Bookmarks.”

    It works. Perfectly. If you follow the directions, that is.

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