Time Magazine: Apple created ‘the look and feel of every desktop in the world’

“Most computers in 1976 were room-size machines with Defense Department size price tags, but Wozniak had been tinkering with a new design, and his computer was different,” wrote Lev Grossman. Steve Wozniak — pictured in a photo on the page holding an Apple I motherboard design with Steve Jobs — expected his creation to appeal to hobbyists, but little more. In fact, Wozniak continued to hold a day job at Hewlett-Packard until some months later. Nobody, not even Jobs, saw what was coming next: that Apple would create the look and feel of every desktop in the world and start our love affair with the personal computer,” writes Lev Grossman for Time Magazine in the feature “80 Days That Changed The World. Full article entitled, “Apple Boots Up,” here.

MacDailyNews Take: remember to remind your PC-lovin’ friends (friends don’t let friends do Windows, by the way) to thank Apple for their Windows UI. And tell ’em not to blame Apple for Microsoft’s inability to copy well.

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