The Globe and Mail: Apple Macs ‘probably the best personal computers ever made’

“The battle for home-computer supremacy is finally over. Mac wins – by a mile,” writes George Emerson for The Globe and Mail.

Emerson continues, “Apple’s newest desktops and laptops are probably the best personal computers ever made. I say this as someone who, until recently, was a pro-Windows person with no time for the “Microsoft stole our ideas” whining of the Mac camp. After all, Steve Jobs stole his idea for Apple from Xerox, didn’t he?”

Although we have a quibble with Emerson’s comment that “Steve Jobs stole his idea for Apple from Xerox,” when that simply isn’t true, the rest of the article is a love letter to Macintosh.

“Windows will ultimately cost you more because it breaks down frequently. If your time is worth nothing, that’s no big deal. But if your files are important, it’s a huge deal: Windows is much more vulnerable to viruses, meaning you can suffer catastrophic data loss. The U.S. Consumers Union surveyed 7,800 people and found Windows almost 300% more likely than Macintosh to be infected with viruses and 550% more likely to suffer damage that can take weeks to fix. Macs can get infected, but not as virulently as Windows, just as vegetarians can get sick but won’t get mad cow disease. Macs will also save you time when using the new photo, music and movie applications. While there are similar applications for Windows machines, none comes close to iPhoto (for pictures), iTunes (music) or iMovie (video editing),” Emerson writes.

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  1. I’ve been using Macs for over 10 years and I’ve never gotten a virus. At work, stuck on Windows, I lost count after 50 serious infections that caused loss of email, loss of files, and machine downtime.

    Windows users are idiots.

  2. I’ve been using Macs for 19 years, had one virus. My dad had his PC for less than two years (I stress HAD. Now he has a 17″ iMac) and found over 50 viruses in ONE MONTH.

  3. Unless you are surfing the darker corners of the Internet, you CAN run a Mac without AV software, and will probably never see one. One further comment to you PeeCee users out there, GET RID OF OUTLOOK EXPRESS. An incredible number of viruses attacking the Wintel platform depend upon OE. If it’s not on your computer, it cannot be exploited. Better yet, if you cannot get a Mac at work see if you can run LINUX.

  4. No virii on my Mac either. I’ve been using them since 1996 (Power Tower 180e) and they’ve been relatively trouble-free. Can’t say the same for the Windoze machines I’m forced to endure at school. They crash, run low on memory, and otherwise make life much harder than it should be. I want a computer that HELPS me get work done, not a computer that NEEDS help to get work done.


  5. I agree that Mac simply are “the best personal computers ever made.” Nonetheless, I am a little disappointed about the fact that the hardware (especially the new machines) could be a little tougher. I have always been using Macs, and I never had an problem with reparations or anything until I got an iBook, and I kept having issues with it… It is finally solved after APPLE CARE gave me a brand new one… To sum’up: “APPLE had a very good service, and MACs are pretty reliable machines, but they could actually make the design tougher!”

  6. Less than 5% of new sales, MORON!
    More macs are used in the home than any other make.
    [dell, IBM , gateway etc]
    just cuz they ALL make PC’s, 3-5% sounds sooo bad.
    well, there are a lot more Fords than BMW’s, my friend[not]
    Mac for Creativity
    Linux for Productivity
    Palm for Mobility
    Windoze for Solitaire

  7. In the one Q/A after the article, someone questions George (the writer of the article) how to import their windows Outlook Express files to the Mac. George then criticized Apples efforts of such things as importing windows information. If he took one look at Apple’s “Switch” site, under the tab named “How to switch”, he would see how Apple is addressing such an issue. Apple encourages “switchers” to use an app called “Move to Mac”. It transfers over tons of settings from your PC to Mac. Maybe George hasn’t seen this as yet.

    His article added $1000 to the price of the iMac. The mentioned iMac, I believe, is priced at $1799, not $2799. He called the iMac a great value, but his typo will easily confuse and scare away the common consumer.

    George has a sort of special olympics winning kind of cool.

  8. Hey whatever I doubt you are going to read this but, If you actuall found out where this parer is based you will understand why there is a price difference. The glob and Mail is a Canadain paper and that means the prices are in in US $$ they are in Can $$. I just felt like letting you know since no one else seemed to care.

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