Adobe prefers (and promotes) PCs over Macs

Adobe has posted a page on the site, “PC Preferred” stating:

“In the July 2002 issue of Digital Producer Magazine, Charlie White reported on a head-to-head duel between a single-processor Dell 2.53GHz Pentium 4 – the Dell Precision Workstation 340 – and the fastest Macintosh then available – a 1GHz dual-processor G4. The contest compared renderings of files created in Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop software that are typical to the video post-production workflow. The graphs below show some of the results, which were consistent. While the computers used in this study are no longer the fastest in their respective classes, the information is still valid. The PC outperformed the similar Macintosh machine, at an impressive rate.”

They fail to mention that Mac OS X does not run on a PC.

Comments can be directed to Adobe here.

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  1. Keo, you’re an idiot. Again, what’s a Windows programmer hanging around Mac sites for? Or, could it be to just post comments like that?

    As for all the rest of the readers that weigh in that Apple is losing ground, I ask, “So what?” Does anybody actually think this platform is going to just vanish from the computer landscape? That would be like thinking that Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW would just go away due to low market share. Apple’s in good financial health, got tons of innovative technologies out there and surely in the works, and hasn’t shot itself in the foot (at least not any more severely than any other company) in well over five years.

    So, come on people, Apple “get’s it.” All of this minutiea mashing is unnecessary over specifications or what M$ or Adobe are saying about the platform don’t amount to a hill of beans. People seem to be so fixated on Apple vs. Wintel that it is so similar to the current war in Iraq. You all seem to need to analyze this issue on a blow for blow basis, when you need to be looking at the overall context. Apple machines are better “quality” overall, they cost less, have a more sound core OS, and have a build quality unmatched by those in the PC world. But! They do cost more, don’t have the software titles or shear numbers of developers, and tend to be slower at adopting the latest technologies (DDR RAM) and sort of skimps the end user on RAM and HD space. However, they play the thresholds and make the pain not severe enough that you “won’t” buy their machines, but high enough that they can get a few extra percentage points of profit on each machine thereby off setting some of their costs of being a smaller company.

    Expect Apple to keep innovating, because that’s what they do well. That’s their niche in the whole PC world. They make lots of money on hardware so, they won’t lag behind for long, because they can’t afford to. They’re committed to the PowerPC processor which involves IBM and Motorola. So, if there’s a problem that exists in that alliance for long expect Apple to either turn up the heat or to leave. Again, whatever makes the most sense for them to do and to stay “competitive” in the market, they’ll do. That’s business and Apple is a sound company with good leadership. So, stop worrying. G5s will be coming! And, better machines after those will be on their way too, with better ones following those…

  2. Would some of you financial geniuses (genii ? ) help out here?

    First, how many 64-bit Win XP machines are out there – ZERO!, right? How many 64-bit Win VISTA workstation machines are out there – OUTSIDE of the redmond Campus, of course – a finite decimal value percentage of less than one, right? How many 64 bit OS X Leopard workstations, and laptops are out there – an infinite number of future Apple-Tel boxes going forward, right?

    What will be the cost differential in initial purchase of an incompatible Vista 64 bit premium edition, on a new Win-Tel box, and not be able to run any 32-bit apps VS. the cost to buy a 64-bit, mac workstation that could run the new 64-bit Adobe ware IF it weren’t bloated bad code?

    How is Adobe justifying this stupidity in simple profit accounting to its shareholders?

    How soon will it take for for Adobe to run itself into the financial ground before someone bids for a hostile takeover?

  3. Fear not my dear Applings..

    Soon will come a device known as the ‘iphone’–& it will exclude vital proprietary software offerings from Adobe. This device, due in large part to its immense popularity, will cause developers en masse to begin using alternate (& much more efficient) solutions to accomplish the same tasks. for Apple to switch to (brace yourselves) the Intel Chip. I kid you not–the future is bright. prepared for a bozo named ‘Obama’–he will arise on the American scene rapidly & lie to the blinded hearts of americans & lead them to the slaughter like pigs.

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