Dvorak spews latest prediction: Apple to go Intel within 18 months

John C. Dvorak is in full rumor-recycle mode over at PC Magazine. Dvorak begins, “the story starts with January’s Intel sales conference. The surprise keynote speaker was Steve Jobs. And then, in the front row of Steve Jobs’s keynote address at the last Macworld Expo were top Intel executives. Shortly thereafter, Pixar announced that it would become an Intel shop. That was all step one. Step two is coming. Apple has been concerned about Motorola dragging its heels in the processor wars and failing to achieve clock speeds that are even half of what AMD and Intel are achieving. Apple has attempted to rationalize clock-speed issues, but the company knows that it cannot do this forever. Worse is the feud between Motorola and Apple, which began after Apple suddenly pulled the plug on the license it gave Motorola to clone the Mac.”

Dvorak, wringing as much wisdom out of his noggin as is possible, posits a scenerio where Apple introduces “a transition machine that uses both the Intel and Motorola processors.”

He then predicts that Apple will choose Intel’s Itanium processors for a variety of reasons. Dvorak predicts this will all happen by this July at Macworld Expo at the earliest and, perhaps, at Comdex this autumn.

Basically, like most of John’s gems, you have to read it for yourself. Full article here.

Yes, John C. Dvorak is the same guy who called Apple “desperate” and “petty” after seeing the initial “Switch” campaign ads. John also saw fit to criticize the personal appearances of some of the “Switchers” because he didn’t like their messages. You might want to take a look at John’s picture at the top of his piece while you’re there. John’s “Switch” rant/article/hit piece is here.


  1. If Mr. Dvorak had bothered to do the slightest bit of background research before writing a baseless (as usual) article, he would know that IBM has already saved Apple from Moto and that Apple will be switching to them, not Intel.

  2. Considering all the lack-lustre reviews of the Itanium so far, and all the positively glowing reviews of AMD’s x86-64 and the PowerPC 970, this move would make NO SENSE at all

    reviews have shown that the Itanium’s FPU gets hammered by the x86-64. I’d wager that even the current G4’s Altivec unit has better FP numbers than the Itanium

    this article is just plain stupid

  3. Dvorak must live in a cave. Not once was there mention of the IBM side of the PPC, which surely rates at least a mention. Moreover, Pixar purchased a single-purpose cluster for rendering, and they chose a company that uses Intel, Xeons as I recall, certainly not Itaniums.

    I would speculate that AMD would build the transition chip, if there ever was one, 1) because Steve has a long relationship with Hector Ruiz, current AMD CEO and past head of Motorola semiconductor; 2) AMD’s architecture would be more easily OSX and Altivec enabled than Intel’s; 3) AMD has a relationship with IBM; and 4) the Itanium is being passed over for the Itanium II by almost all vendors.

    His mention of Microsoft’s investment in Apple was inaccurate and misplaced, just like his column.

    Ignore him. Maybe he’ll just…fade away.

  4. Dvorak is at it again. The guy is an absolute idiot who has written more “Apple is doomed” columns than anybody.

    I remember when he used to complain about how the Mac wasn’t a real computer because it didn’t use a command line interface….

  5. Considering the source of this “article”, I am now joyfully confident (as if I wasn’t before ) that Apple will not switch to Intel. Also, the fact that he did not mention the IMB 970 chip, I am now positive that Apple will be going in that direction soon.

    Apple will never never never put an x86 chip in a Mac. It will not happen. I wish Apple would just announce the 970 so we can all get past this issue and move on…

  6. Don’t feed the troll – he does this every time he wants to run up the hits on his column (or when he is about to miss a deadline and can’t thinik of anything to write). By reading it or responding we are just rewarding him!!

    He must have not been able to think of anything else to say, he keeps the “Apple is switching” column ready for when he is about to miss a deadline.

  7. Just more Made up bullshit from a idiot who doesnt know the difference between os9 and osx. This guy writes pure speculated crap. I think you could get more facts from a bowel of alphabets.

  8. Dvorak is forgetting Marketing 101. If Apple jumbed in with Intel, they would become just another computer box maker. It would be suicide. IBM is a better short term solution. Long term, I bet Steve will pull another rabbit out of the hat and amaze us all.

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