Encode your audio files into MPEG-4 AAC format with AACelerator 1.0

mac:method has released the final version of AACelerator 1.0, an utility that can encode audio files into MPEG-4 Advanced Audio Codec (AAC) audio files (the new encoding format included in QuickTime 6). “The same bit rates as MP3 files will result in audio files with superior sonic quality… allowing you to store your music collection in much less disk space.” It features drag & drop support, encoding of hinted stream files, embedding of ID3 tags in files, streaming data rates between 8 kbps and 320 kbps, and batch processing. A registration fee of $12 will unlock the features to support creating hinted streaming files and embedding QuickTime Annotations.

AACelerator works together with QuickTime 6 to encode the audio files. The application uses AppleScript to feed the QuickTime Player application the files you would like encoded and exports them with the settings you specify. A valid, registered license for QuickTime 6 Pro is require for this process to work. More info here.

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