Award-winning film produced entirely on Mac G4; June DVD release slated

ADV Films today announced a June 10, 2003 DVD release for “Voices of a Distant Star,” a Japanese animated short film created by animation prodigy Makoto Shinkai using a spectacular blend of traditional cel and lush computer-generated (CG) animation.

According to Animation Insider, “Voices of a Distant Star” is, independent of its creation, an extraordinarily beautiful film, telling in deft strokes a tale of two lovers torn apart by tides of war and millions of miles of interstellar space. The fact that the film was written, directed and animated by Shinkai, using only a Macintosh G4/400 computer and assorted consumer- and professional-level design and animation programs, makes “Voices of A Distant Star” an even greater achievement. Only the music (composed by Tenmon) and voice acting were not performed by Shinkai.

On the strength of “Voices of a Distant Star,” Shinkai won the prestigious “Most Valuable Newcomer” award at the 2002 Tokyo International Anime Fair. “Voices…” made its North American debut in a special screening, co-sponsored by ADV Films and “Voices…” producer CoMix Wave, Inc. at San Diego Comic-Con International (August 2002).

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  1. So there I am sitting in front of the tube waiting for the carnage to
    begin and Its “Peter Arnett of CNN huddled in the corner in Iraq fame”
    and he is sitting in his hotel bunker using what apppeared to be a 15 or
    17″ Apple Titanium powerbook!

    I wish I could attach an MPEG of the news feed but I’m sitting here
    typing this on my trusty old PPC 6100 and the hampster could never
    handle the load of OSX. Oh well at least my TV is state of the art. If
    we ever get a decent chip……….

    C. A. BAIRD

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