Apple’s ‘G5’ motherboard blueprints ready-to-go; dimensions suggest new Power Mac case design

Apple has finalized its blueprints of the PPC970 (G5) motherboards, according to MacBidouille. The article says that the ‘pro’ version of the motherboard will be much longer and narrower than the boards currently in Power Macs, which suggests a new case design on the way for the “G5” Power Macs.

According to unsourced rumors reported by MacBidouille, Apple has offered the manufacture of the card to two separate Taiwan firms.

Full article (in French) here.


  1. I wonder what Apple will do with the case design, given that it will have to still be able to accept “standard” PCI cards and somehow contain them within? I think “metal” will be the theme, no matter what.

  2. Yes I agree, there will definetly be more metal in the new case design although for weight considerations most of the case will be plastic. I expect something boxy with a lot of aluminum. Can’t wait to see what J. Ivey and the crew come up with.

  3. Think about this case idea. Apple recently applied for a patent for a case that changed color based on the status of the device. The case could be red if you had new email. Just a thought but Apple always pulls something very unusual out of their hat.

  4. My guess is that it will be either white or aluminum, to follow their current design style. I predict aluminum, for the sake of it’s cooling properties.

  5. Too bad no dates are given in that article (and too bad I cannot read French). The 45 degree PCI slots is a good idea for making the case slimmer but I think Apple is just going to make the PowerMac bigger overall. This would be for better airflow and hopefully less noise. Great things can be done with aluminum materials but that is a different rumor.

  6. This may be a crazy question but why does this french site allways know more then us in the states. Do they have a spy or what? and how about a french translation! This is good news but there stand on Saddam Sucks with a capital S! I would love a color changing case 970. If we get a aluminum or black case it will have to do just give me a 970 or even 970 imac!

  7. Given the new iMac designs, I think we can expect something fairly radical. More metal, definitely more sleek, highlighting the absence of obsolete (“legacy”) technologies. To Saddam Sucks: I don’t think you should air political views here. They have no place. For the record, I am an American and a Patriot, and am ashamed for the first time. The French have both my respect and admiration. Also for the record, the US has used its veto 77 times. france has used it 18 times. Do the math. You can used several free online translation services to translate the article. try it works well enough.

  8. could apple’s new machine possibly be a desktop? or a desktop convertible, like the Mac IIci and alot of current Wintel machines are…

    IIRC, the article said that there were 2 motherboard designs? or just a “pro” so far… if there is 2… then one could be compact with fewer slots and the other might give 9600 owners their 6th PCI slot….

  9. Perhaps it is a sign of the times that we cannot say anything with ‘France’ or ‘French’ in it without some moron making it his patriotic duty to make some lame semi-political statement about it. The fact is France, along with what clueless morons would call “Old Europe” makes a significant part of the Mac market. To suggest that they have spies gathering information about Apple is just a paranoid fear that shows what a fragile state of mind you are in right now. Where else is France supposed to have spies, under your bed? In that case I hope they have on themselves umbrellas.

    As for the longer motherboard, Paul was on to something when he suggested that it would be for a new XServe. Rack equipment is often very long.

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