Chartsmith 1.2 for Mac OS X adds Keynote exporting and more

Chartsmith provides an intuitive user interface to enable users to create charts quickly and easily. From Bar and Pie charts to Histogram and Bubble charts, Chartsmith provides an extensive set of chart types. Color, images and annotations can be dragged-and-dropped directly onto charts, and a copy of the chart image can be directly dragged to any presentation, email, report or to the Finder. The context-sensitive Info Panel makes it very easy to click and modify graphical features.

For the more demanding user, there are many power features available in Chartsmith. Graphical effects, like gradient fills, transparency, text shadowing and sophisticated 3D effects, give charts pizazz. Templates allow the user to easily recreate a chart?s look and feel. Trend lines and error bars provide analytics. And with both a Services and AppleScript interface, remote control of Chartsmith is a snap.

What’s New in this Version:
*Variable data error bars
*Asymmetrical error bars
*Combination X and Y error bars
*Error bar markers
*Exporting to Apple?s Keynote document format
*Importing from Named Ranges in Microsoft Excel
*Trend line equation annotation
*Graphical front-to-back ordering of trend lines
*Extended AppleScript vocabulary
*Spell checking for text annotations
*Control for drawing axis ticks marks inside and/or outside the grid
*Improved graphical object selection and resizing
*Improved Help and Tutorial files

More info and demo download link here.

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