VueScan update for Mac OS X and 9; produce high-quality scans from over 100 scanners

VueScan is a program that works with most scanners to produce high-quality scans that have excellent color fidelity. It takes advantage of the advanced hardware capabilities of most scanners on the market today, and helps you do batch scanning while at the same time producing color-balanced and cropped images. For Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.

USB Flatbed scanners supported:
– All Epson models
– Canon FB630U, FB1210U, N650U, N656U, D660U, N670U, N676U, N1220U, N1240U, LIDE 20, LIDE 30
– HP 2100, 2200, 5300, 7400 (all operating systems)
– Microtek X12USL, 4700, 5600, 5700, 6700 and 8700
– UMAX 3400, 5400
– BearPaw 1200, 2400
– Genius ColorPage-HR6
– Plustek OpticPro
– Most Acer, AGFA models

SCSI Flatbed scanners supported:
– All Epson, Canon, HP, Microtek, UMAX, LinoType-Hell, Acer, AGFA models
– KYE ColorPage HR5
– Apple Color OneScanner 600, 1200/30

FireWire Scanners supported:
– All Epson, Microtek, UMAX, LinoType-Hell models
– Nikon LS-4000, LS-8000
– Polaroid SprintScan 120, 4000+
– Minolta Scan Elite II, Scan Multi Pro

USB Film Scanners supported:
– Nikon CoolScan IV (LS-40)
– Canon FS4000
– Minolta Scan Dual II, Scan Elite II

SCSI Film Scanners supported:
– Nikon LS-20, LS-1000, LS-30, LS-2000
– Minolta QuickScan 35, Scan Dual, Scan Multi, Scan Multi Pro, Scan Speed, Scan Elite
– Canon FS2700, FS2710, FS4000
– HP PhotoSmart
– Acer ScanWit 2720S, 2740S
– Polaroid SprintScan 120, 4000, 35, 35/LE, 35+, 45
– Epson FilmScan 200
– Konica Qscan

What?s New in this Version
– Fixed problem with Minolta Scan Dual III
– Improved color with Canon N-series and LIDE scanners
– Improved color with Epson 1250/1260
– Improved color with UMAX 6400
– Improved color with HP 5300C/5370C
– Added support for Epson Perfection 660

More info here.


  1. I just purchased a Canon FB630U still in the box and in new condition for $30 (local thrift store}. When i got it home it worked great in OS 9.2 but not OSX 10.2.4 (no drivers from canon for OSX & none planned). Came across an article for VueScan and down loaded the trial offering. It works as well or better in X than the Canon software supplyed for OSX. left me a little upset at Canon because they support Windoz XP for this scanner but not OSX. Prospective Canon buyers might keep this in mind, I.E. they might not support the software on thier products at a later date.

  2. Their web site says:”Simple to install – installing VueScan changes nothing on your system, installs nothing in your operating system and all other scanner software will continue to function.”

    I thought I could try the software and see if was better than Epson’s. It couldn’t see the scanner.

    Then I noticed the release notes say: “If you’re using a Firewire or USB scanner on Mac OS 9.x, you may need to remove the extensions installed by the scanner vendor’s software into the system folder.”

    Not worth fooling with for me. And not exactly letting all other scanner software continue to function.

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