CNET Reviews: Apple’s control of ‘whole widget’ make iPod ‘smooth to use’

“It’s not the iPod, the operating system, or the iTunes software alone that makes the Mac iPod so smooth to use, it’s the way that all three work together seamlessly,” writes Eliot Van Buskirk, Senior Editor for CNET Reviews. “Apple has a clear advantage over other portable-device manufacturers because the company controls the operating system, the computer hardware, and the product design.” Van Buskirk then describes why Windows digital music player manufacturers are relying upon third-party developers to get their players to sync easily with a user’s music collection. Full article here.


  1. Apple control of everything makes them a MONOPOLY – worse than Microsoft. You can’t do anything without Apple when you have a Mac – it’s Apple or nothing, the hardware, the software, everything. I’d rather have a CHOICE and I choose WINDOWS and any computer hardware I want!

  2. Ummm, XP Man, by choosing Windows, do you have a choice of more than one vendor for your OS or are you locked into a TRUE monopolist, namely Microsoft?

    Just wondering.

  3. Excuse me Mr. XP man but it’s painfully obvious that you’re suffering from an annoying malady common to Windows worshippers known as “ICS” (short for “Ignoramus Colossus Syndrome”). Sadly, I must tell you, the only cure for this is to educate one’s self beyond the level of a delusional envy-obsessed dumb ass. Best of luck to you sir, for it is a long road ahead.



  4. To me, this is a good monoply, since Apple will be sure that all will work seamlessly with one another. Windows can’t offer this assurance. These may be a little more expensive, but for what you pay, you get a quality product.

  5. So Mr. XP Man,

    Why can’t you choose any hardware you want with an Apple? You can choose IDE hardware from any PC manufacturer. You can choose any manufacturer of RAM, PPC processor (IBM or Motorola) SCSI cards, IDE Cards, DVD/CD-RW/DVD-RW/CD-ROM, USB keyboard, USB Mouse, speakers, or monitors that you’d like. Heck you can even put a Mac inside a PC case … but why would you want to?

    Basically with the exception of Logicboard (motherboard for the PC users reading this) and An Apple power supply you can change anything you want including whatever OS you’d like to run.

    Before you start screaming about not having a processor choice, stop for a moment. We have IBM and Motorola. You have Intel and AMD. So why would you have greater choice?

    true you may have to use OS hacks to get some third party equipment to work but hey you’d have to use hacks in Windows as well. Only their called “drivers” to PC users.

    Don’t tell me you have more choices with a PC. If you truly believe this your deluding yourself by including crap you’d never want to buy.

    My wife’s Compaq won’t even let me install more than 256MB of RAM (they even say this on their web site). Is this choice?

    Just my 2� when I see someone making a blatently wrong “blanket” statement.

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